The company

Established in 1882, AFS Sedan Company is specialized in tools manufacturing for the steel industry including rolling mills rolls, ingot moulds, associated steel products and staves cooler. Those many years of experience are today a guarantee of quality for our customers who recognized our deep technical expertise.

Company history

  • 1882

    Company established under the name "Aciéries de Longwy"

  • 1967

    The Usinor Group takes over the company that becomes a part of their Forge and Cast Division

  • 1976

    The Sedan plant manufactures its first spin cast roll

  • 2014

    Sedan site becomes autonomous and is called Advanced Foundry Services Sedan (AFS).

Our products

The company AFS-Sedan (Advanced Foundry Services Sedan) offers high quality products. These products are rolls for hot strip mills and also foundry parts like molds and related products (base plates, risers, trumpets, counter plate), chills, staves coolers ...